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Crew Changes - Visa Arrangements

Whales Shipping Line L.L.C also provides crew change facilities along with ship agency services. Right from travel arrangements and visa to lodging and, if necessary, finding the right medical assistance our multi -lingual experienced staff, takes care of your crew change. We provide a reliable and affordable end-to-end solution for all your needs if you plan to change your ship's crew during a voyage.
We utilise specialized teams with superior standards of performance and efficiency in our Crew Change Services . In addition, we never compromise on security, health and safety at any stage of the operation. Our modern fleets of air conditioned cars & buses having three way seat belts are periodically checked to ensure on-going compliance with both national and international standards. We use respected IATA licensed travel agents to facilitate all travel tickets and hotels reservations which may be required down the line.
Our offices are ready to serve crew members 24/7/365 though such needs should be made known at the time of engagement of our services. Whales Shipping Line L.L.C will leave no stone unturned to ensure your crew is safely transported to and from your vessels and that all requisite needs have been properly catered for.

Diving Services

Whales Shipping Line L.L.C performs underwater in situ, ship repair maintenance through registered diving services companies with major ports in UAE. We are committed to execute these jobs as cost effective and swiftly as possible with the highest standards and quality for operators and equipment worldwide.

We attend all kind of diving services jobs like:

  • Underwater ship maintenance and hull clearing
  • Underwater blanking and repairing
  • Underwater Ship Repair
  • Underwater Welding
  • Underwater Cutting
  • Hull Insert Plate Repairs
  • In-water removal and installation of propellers
  • Zinc anode replacement
  • Underwater Transducer replacement and repair
  • Blank off sea chests (suctions and discharges, etc.) to facilitate repairs inside vessel
  • Replacing echo sounders and speed logs
  • Replacing ICCP and Cathodic protection Shields
  • Bow thruster repair and replacement
  • Repair of ballast tanks.

Custom Clearance and Transit for Ship Spares

Whales Shipping Line L.L.C offers handling and clearing of both Air / Sea Freight Import shipments of ship spares as transit through all the ports in UAE. Whenever a breakdown occurs and a vessel needs a spare part speedily, it is possible that an organization with expertise in both shipping and logistics can make a huge difference. Also an efficient supply chain for routine maintenance spares and equipment is essential.
Our transport experts will make sure that all the spares will reach the vessel on time and as when it is required on-board. To assist your logistical planning we can provide a realistic timetable for the formalities in advance ensuring that no valuable time is lost in process.